Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Burger Adventures

Adventuring for the best burgers in town! YAY!
(I have my top five burgers in here somewhere :D)

The Forresters, Surry Hills

Oooh and it was $10 burger night!! YAY~!!!! Meaning that everything on the burger menu, (I know the photo shows all but its too awesome I must say it again) was $10 dollars, with a side of parmesan fries included!!! Not to mention the burgers were gourmet style burgers :O 

I was like 2 burgers and a side? The thinker answers, waah? I can eat two on my own. Soooo we opted for two cheeseburgers and the fried chicken burger and to be more specific, the chicken was to be crumbed using corn chipsss!! 

We did not get any sides because the thinker wanted to try the much acclaimed sweet potato fries at Queenies located on level 2 of the pub. hahahahaa nah im kidding it was me. Look at those awesome stairs, bammies...burgers...curry..rum...wait RUM???? JUST LIKE PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAAAN!! WOOO! Hahaha for those of you who don't know, Queenies does Carribean food :D

The menu looked rather delectable, bammies and all.  But decided to save that for another time, and this time to stick with the plan- sweeeet potato fries.  

And my gooodly goodness the fries were amazing.  They were superbly crunchy on the outside with fluffy sweet innards and the side of yellowy mayo sauce which I reckon was curry mayo and the thinker insisted not HAHA, made the dish.  The sweet potato fries were already crispy perfection, but that mayo, was perrfect. Did I mention that the bowl was neverending? We ate and ate, and its not like we'reshy or anything hahahaa, and it did not seem to run out! Endless pit of goodness! WOoooo!  I can't wait to bring my sisters here, they would LOVE IT!

Quite soon after, the big guys arrived.

Thinker went somewhere and I was tempted to eat everything before he came back I'm pretty mean tehehehe. Whilst waiting, impatiently but happily, the guys on the table opposite us were laughing at me.  I was like whaaat? And they were like "you have the BIGEEEEST GRIN on your face ahahahah are you going to eat that all yourself? " That would be my justification for eating everything before thinker came back ;)


My  cheeseburger was a concoction of beautifully warmed and slightly crisp brioche bun stuffed with fresh lettuce, thick juicy pinkish beef patty with melted cheddar cheese on top, pickles, mustard mayo and OMG a couple of perfectly fried onion rings.  We looked at each other, and gave "The Nod".  Hahahaha

Delicioussss.  Super juicy..tender...flavoursome....starry eyed we weeeree!  

The chicken burger was really good as well, though probably not as good as the cheeseburger.  The corn chip flavour was that apparent tbh, but pretty cool nonetheless!  I really liked the coleslaw and mustard mayo as it added a refreshing kick to the burger.  Ooooh almost forgot to mention the awesome parmesan fries on the side.  They were fat, fluffy topped with flecks of parmesan cheese.  I would have preferred them even more cheeesy! We devoured two lots of the fries, and by the third lot (we got three lots because we got three burgers) we got creative.  Got some aioli, chilli oil and mustard, and made our very own sauce.  then slathered it all over the parmesan fries, and it was surprisingly good.  Like reaaallly good.  It was like a whole new dish O.o

I really liked The Forresters, and by the end of dinner I was already thinking when my next adventure there would be.  :D Super excited to try all their other goodies!

Ahhh terrible pic but wanted to show you guys the location for easy picking ;)

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TOP PICKS # 3 Mary's, Newtown

So I had been super keen to try this burger joint/bar for quite some time and last night, I finally did! 

You know how Melbourne has loads of awesome burger places (Merrywell, Huxtaburger) with really juicy looking burgers? I've been dreaming about them, hoping that Sydney would finally open such place, and finally, I think Mary's is my dream come true.  

I'm not quite sure if I have emphasized how much I love burgers, but do I ever! There is something so satisfying about having my fingers around a good old sloppy burger (or two) or gourmet burger for that matter! Kind of like eating ribs, but with buns..O.O I think eating messy is always fun hahaha 

Anyway, back to Mary's!  Firstly, the joint was lovely.  It was warm, cosy, kinda noisy (no rhyme intended :P) the perfect place for a chilled night out! We were welcomed by a really nice waitress, she went through the awesome albeit small menu, which consisted of cheeseburger, Mary's burger, fried chicken and mashed potato and gravy.  The fried chicken comes in half or whole bird options, and also a Larry Bird option which is apparently two whole chickens in piece :O  We (well more me) opted for the cheeseburger, Mary's burger and half chicken, even though I was eyeing thinking more Larry Bird. TEHE.

How did it fare? Well delicious in my humble opinion.  Firstly, I love how everything was served in baskets! I say more baskets pleasee! So the chicken was sooo juicy, and deep fried to a dark brown hue, there were cuts of drumsticks, thighs, wings and breasts and were heavily seasoned!  Oh and did I mention they were pretty spicy? I LOVE CHILLI! :D

I got the Mary's burger and added extra TRASHCAN bacon.  Which is literally, bacon cooked in a trashcan, clean of course :P

And it was deeeeeeelisssshhhhh!!! OMGAH! Firstly, the buns were soo nice!! (for me, the bun is what makes it a good burger, because if it is dry, or hard, the burger is dead in my eyes ahahah)
Moving along, the buns were soft, fluffy, warm, a tiny bit sweet with this beauuttiiffull glaze on top.  Ohhh man I salivate at the thought of them! The meat pattie with melted cheese on top was perfectly cooked, pinkish in the centre, tender and flavoursome.  The combination of pattie, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese was perfect!  Oh yes and all the burgers came with a huge side of super crispy shoestring fries and ketchup =D 

Moving on..

Avocado's cheeseburger was similarly delissshhhh! It comprised of two super succulent patties (I ordered an extra pattie haha), two layers of melted cheeeese and again, my favourite buns.

As good as it was, we both agreed that my burger was the better of the two.  I could sense that as Avocado was gunning for my burger every time I grabbed a piece of chicken hahahaha!

Overall, Mary's was awesome. The vibe was funky, service and food was awesome.  Can't wait to come back and order everything again! I think I'll try the gravy and mash next time, saw the table next to us get it and it looked super yummy! 

See you sooooon Mary's!! :D

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TOP PICKS # 5 Reuben and Moore, Pitt St Westfield

Wagyu and Pastrami Burger

 OMG this has become one of my favourite burgers!! The bun was warm, soft and layered with thick juicy beef patty topped with layers upon layers of delicious pastramic,melted cheeese and chipotle mayo. SoOSOSOSOSo deliiiicious!!! Did I mention it was huuge?? :O love it! :D

Also really like the chef there, joolllly kind fellow! Thanks for the awesome burger and I will see you yet again on another Sunday :)

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Meat Wine and Co, Darling Harbour

Signature Beef Burger

225g selected primal beef burger patty, grilled, basted and served on a warm bun with baby cos lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, gherkins, pink sauce and BBQ sauce

I found it quite good, the beef was a bit on the tough side but apart from that the burger was flavoursome, rich and moist.  I was hoping for fat onion rings, but they were instead the flaky onion rings--still good though!

For the price tag though of $25, I think my top three burgers own it big time ;P

Momo Brasserie, Martin Place

Pulled Pork Burger

Sweet brioche filled with mass amounts of tender pulled pork drenched in housemade BBQ sauce!  Very yummmmyy indeeed!

Ohh and the waiter, was sooo nice.  He gave us extra sides :) 

Momo Brasserie on Urbanspoon

La Pesa Trattoria, Darlinghurst

Wagyu Beef Burger 

This lovely meaty burger consisted of soft warm buns stuffed with a really thick juicy piece of beef pattie, salad, beetroot, melted cheese and saffron aioli.  SAFFRON AIOLI!!! It was reallllyyy deliicious! Oooh and not to mention the side of massive wedges topped with crushed sea salt.  YYYAAARMY!


 Greenham Grass Fed Hamburger 
( with Bacon, Gruyere Cheese and Zuni Pickle )

This was THE BEST BURGER I have ever had.  We actually came for David Blackmore's famous Wagyu Burger, however it was sold out.  So we persevered and went for this one instead.  THANK HEAVENS we did as it was sosososo delicious! The meat was perfectly cooked MR, succulent, juicy and full of flavour, the brioche buns were soft on the inside, lightly crisp on the outside, and the bacon was deliciously succulent and a little crisp accompanied by the pickles and cheese. OMG.

Look at that red patty...YUMMM

I think only a week or two later, we went to Rockpool again to try their Wagyu Hamburger with Bacon, I had been dreaaaming about it for the two weeks hahaahah I even called in advance to make sure they had it in stock :)

The Wagyu Hamburger
( with Bacon, Gruyere Cheese and Zuni Pickle )

And how did it fare? Verry well I say! The meat was cooked pefectly pink, melted gruyereee cheese, pickles and tomato relish made it absolutely perfect.  I must say though the Grassfed Hamburger was just as good as the Wagyu Hamgburger and much cheaper so that's pretty cool! :) I suppose their flavour is different so it is a bit hard to really judge, the grassfed had a more meaty flavour, whilst the wagyu had a more fatty almost sweet flavour! Both deeeelicious!

Jazz City Diner, Darlinghurst

Texas Chilli Cheese Burger with a side and sweet potato fries

The burger was super moist and tasty and the fries were a delicious side! Can't wait to try the other burgers there!

The Burger Joint, Darlinghurst

The Hawaiian Burger

This gigantic tower of goodness consisted of a thick juicy beef patty, crispy bacon, pineapple and salad!  The bread was really nice, it was fluffy and crisp at the same time with a hint of sweetness to it, almost like brioche!

Fish filet Burger

This was surprisingly good! The fish was crisp and tender and the aioli and salad complemented it really well! I actually liked this even more than the beef burger!

Moo Burger, Coogee Beach

Duck and Bacon Burger 
(with a side of onion rings and aioli!)

The duck patty was super flavoursome and juicy which was topped with a generous lather of mayonnaise and  orange jam!  It was sooo tasty!

Wagyu Beef Burger

Wagyu beef, brie, caramalised onions, salad and mayonnaise
It was nice, but it was a tad on the dry side, the duck burger was much more juicy overall!

On a separate visit to Moo, we got the black and white burger which was awesomeness.  Just look at the oooozing egg yolk...oh man it was delisssh! Essentially a tower of beauty-  angus beef patty, tomato, fried egg, mozzarella, mayonnaise and tomato relish.  YUM!

The staff are always really lovely and helpful.  Can't wait to go baaaack!  :D

Moo Gourmet Burgers on Urbanspoon

Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

Dirty Bird 

Spiced grilled chicken, tomatillo salsa, cheese, pickles, chipotle aioli on a warm brioche bun!

The concept sounded really good, but I found out it be rather bland, like zilch flavour.  Pretty disappointing really :(

The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

The Grounds Burger

Brioche bun with beef pattie, cheddar cheese and lettuce.  They used a mayo very similar to the one they use in Big Macs-- it pretty much tasted like a Big Mac but less juicy..yeeepoo it was nothing fantastic haha and not to mention it was pretty small and cost around $20 O_O

TOP PICKS # 2 - Stitch Bar, Wynyard)

BLT Burger

Beef burger with smokey chillies, bacon, lettuce, vine ripened tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, dill pickles and cheese.  Also came with a side of crisp chunky potatoes.  
Smokey and succulent and everything an ideal burger should be.  It was demolished sooo quickly. haha. 

Glass Brasserie, The Hilton Sydney

The Chef's Burger

Finally tried their famous burger which consisted of wagyu beef, BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese and a side of french fries and pickle.  

I personally thought it was rather average,  for the price there are much nicer out there (i.e. BLT Burger at Stitch!!)

The Dip, Liverpool St

Pulled Pork Burger and Watermelon and Bacon Burger

The pork burger was really good, damper bun stuffed with plentiful pulled pork, apple slaw and chillies.  It was nice and sloppy! The watermelon burger was interesting to say at the least, though not something I would get again not that I can anyway since it was on the Specials Menu!  It was not bad though! 

Charlie and Co, Pitt St Westfield

Wagyu Beef Burger

Now this was a disappointment.  I had expected more...
The beef tasted like sausage and overall it was just dry and lacked flavour.  They were pretty stingy on the beetroot relish and whatever else they had in there.  It just tasted like...dry sausage on a dry bun T___T

Ms G's, Potts Point

Mini Banh Mi Burgers

These cute little burgers were stuffed with crispy pork belly, salad and some spicy mayo sauce, SO GOOD! I could eat 10 of these :D

Out Of The Blue, Clovelly

 Crumbed Fish Burger

This place is really popular on the weekends, there was a line out the front door!  The burger was simply made with freshly cut salad and have a homemade taste and quality to them, pretty filling too!!  Super cheap too!

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  1. Hi thanks for the blog.
    Took my wife to Mary's in Newtown. Cool place and chilled out. Got 2 x Mary's Burgers, 1 with trashcan bacon. And half a chook fried stylee. It wasn't anything spectacular. Very small burger, even my petite wife thought so. And for $14 plus $4 for bacon, it's a bit rich. Good side of stringy fries to fill some of the gaps.
    A nicely flavoured sandwich but too small to linger in the palate.
    But the chicken was cooked to perfection and juicy but the balance of spice was a bit off imo. And so so so salty, I don't know how people would keep coming back for it on a regular basis. There was one overpowering spice (couldn't say which exactly). It was like eating those Italian sausages with fennel seeds for people who don't much like fennel seeds; takes over the whole protein flavour. I guess the heavy salt and spice helps sell a few more drinks...
    And I have to say not hot spicy at all. Even the home made hot sauce was like liquid salt with a chili pepper flavour. Not hot at all and extremely salty. I would bring my bottle of chili next time or ask the bar for a dash of Tabasco.
    So 2 burgers, half a chook and 2 beers and 1 soft drink for $63. Hmmm, hard to justify the cost.
    The search continues and I look forward to the Stitch Bar burger soon I hope, and I hope it's a class above Mary's in all aspects.