Monday, 7 April 2014

Bay Vista, Brighton Le Sands

Bay Vista, Brighton Le Sands

I was lucky enough to have Jelly introduce me to this lovely dessert bar and it has became my favourite dessert spot ever since, and our go to spot for catchups :P!! There are words of wisdom written all over the walls!! I mean, who knew stressed backwards spells dessert???!? Definitely very encouraging whilst I was going through exams :) Hahah love you guys and the the smell of fresh brewing oh so melty chocolate...crispy cooking crepes...perfectly fluffy pancakes..and much muuuuch moreeee! Ahh I salivate just thinking about their copious amounts of delicious goodies!!!!!

So guys, I have below, the numerous desserts I have tried over the course of my never ending adventures at Bay Vista! Enjoy! :)

March 2014

I've been visiting Bay Vista a lot recently, I have always visited it regularly, but twice in 2 weeks? Definitely a record for me :D

Anyhoos I was catching up with Song for dinner and she was running late so I got I floated about checking out all the goodies on display!  My favourite past time :)

Bay Vista has recently updated their menu items as well as a whole lot of new ice-cream flavours!  Apparently there is even lamington flavoured ice-cream now!! Wows.  Pretty keenbeans to try that next time!

Peter, the restaurant manager, highly recommended the new Mexican Crepe ($17.00) so we got exactly that!

What came out was one huuuuuuuge slab of soft, perfectly chewy crepe stuffed with chilli beef, beans, guacamole and salsa with a nice side of salad and huge dollop of oober creamy sour cream.  I did what I always do, and slathered the sour cream all over the crepe, yummmoos! :D

Then we ordered N.Y.S.B Cheesecake Waffles ($16.00) which came out so quickly we hardly had time to grab our cutlery!  Definitely good news for the hungry :D

The waffles were thick and fluffy, I would have liked them a little more crispy, but their textures and flavour were spot on!  They were topped with two slices of New York Cheesecake-- did I mention that Bay Vista does THE BEEEST New York Cheesecake I have ever tried in my life? Soooo creamy and delicious, a definite must try!!!!

Anyhoos back to our waffles, where I continue with the beautifffully fresh strawberries and strawberry pureeee singing in perfect unison with the cheesecake slices.  And then one must not forget the nice big scoop of vanilla ice-cream that came with the waffles perfectly completing this dish.  There is a reason why it is one of my favourites, it is so so good!  When I first introduced it to Jelly she wasn't all that keen, but after trying it, it has become a solid favourite for her too! :)

Annnd then came the finale of the night, Bill The Boss's Buenos Aires ($24.00), a magnificent concoction of mango, coconut and passionfruit ice-cream, fresh bananas, fresh strawberries, soft serve ice-cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce and diced roasted hazelnuts served in a huge glass fish bowl :D  A good 30cm tall I think!  I highly recommend anyone visiting Bay Vista to order one of these kinds of bowls under the 'World Famous Icecream Bowls- Super Special'.  They are hands down the best sundaes you could ever have!

That was the end of our night of food, and we trudged home super stuffed and super satisfied.  Yerrrrmooos!

The next week, we went back to try moooooar desserts, starting with the 5th Avenue New York ($24.00).  Again, a huge bowl filled with massive scoops of peanut butter ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, boysenberry ice-cream, soft serve ice cream, waffle bites, brownie chunks and chocolate fudge sauce.  It was deeliiiish as always and gone in less than five minutes! Haha we were nuts!

Next came the dish I was most excited about, a new menu item called the Super 'Sonia' ($17.00) featuring perfectly cooked crepes stuffed with cinnamon scroll chunks, fresh banana, sultanas and mixed smashed nuts, then topped with loads of cinnamon sugar and super creamy vanilla ice-cream.  I luuuuurved it!  Oh and I got a side of butterscotch sauce to go with it, delliicccioousssly tasty!

My friend gave up eating this delicious crepe so I persevered and almost finished the whole thing myself! That amazing :)  Overall we had such a lovely time, the food was awesome, staff were very attentive and to Peter, thanks for always taking care of me and for the sweet times :D See you again soon!!

Below are my previous posts of Bay Vista, I am still trying to figure out how to add posts to previous posts so for now this will do :)


 Snickes Crepes- Snickers bar pieces, roasted peanuts, chocolate drops, caramel sauce OMG SO GOOD! (The side of chocolate I had to get separate)

Athens 2004- Lychee rose ice-cream, chocolate ice-cream, fig and pistachio ice-cream, soft serve ice-cream, cream, white chocolate sauce, pecans and turkish delight.
OMG I LOVE THIS! This was the first sundae I ever tried here, and I get it almost every single time I come here!

5th Avenue New York- Peanut butter, chocolate and boysenberry ice cream, NY cheesecake pieces, chocolate brownie, real ice cream ‘soft serve’, whipped cream, fountain chocolate fudge and waffle bites

Now heads up guys this is the ULTIMATE sundae with everything delicious packed into it :D I love chocolate fudge, waffles, brownies, cheesecake and there are all here!! Makes me dizzy with happiness just thinking about it :D

 South Pacific- perfect blend of coconut ice cream, banana slices, whipped cream, chocolate chips, soft serve, chocolate fudge and the waffle cone on top.

N.Y.S.B cheesecake waffles- Thick Belgium waffles topped with fresh strawberries, NY cheesecake, strawberry puree and ice-cream
I absolutely love their NY Cheesecake! The best I have ever tried!

Fountain chocolate waffles- Warm delicious Belgium waffles topped with either strawberries or bananas and a very generous serve of fountain chocolate and vanilla ice-cream

The Secret Cinnamon Scroll has just jumped onto my favourites list at Bay Vista! I LOVE IT!! It is pretty much a huge  scroll of sweet bread , soft, warm, and its innards filled with cinnamon and a sweet liquid thing slathered on the bread which made it really nice and moist. 

Mortal Sin Cheesecake- This is deeelicious!!! It consists of chocolate biscuit crumb base, smooth cheesecake layer, dark chocolate mousse and finished off with a layer of rich butterscotch caramel cream.  It was surprisingly light tasted even better when dipped into the melted chocolate...TEHEH YUMMMAAYY!

Now here below we have other forms of deliciousness in no particular order!

Africa Wild- toffee peanut ice-cream, chocolate honeycomb, crushed nuts, whipped cream and caramel sauce

N.Y.S.B Cheesecake Pancakes: Buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh strawberries, NY cheesecake, strawberry puree and ice-cream

 Chocberry Crepes- fresh strawberries, chocolate drops and fountain chocolate

Strawberry Crepes- topped with strawberry puree, white chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream

I absolutely love Bay Vista, and am ALWAYS keenbeans to bring my friends, stuff our faces with ice-cream then walk down romantic Brighton Le Sands Beach reminiscing our most romantic night eating desserts in bliss ;)

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  1. oh my god... those crepes and cheesecake look so freaking good!

    1. hehe they really are, the cheesecake is soooo creamy :9

  2. Not the best presentation, still looks so yum! :)

  3. Hi,

    Just wanted to let you know about our newish restaurant / café that we opened in Prahran. It is a sister café to a fairly established Port Melbourne venue. Prahran has great daytime café fare with a few extras.

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    Thanks for your consideration.

    Best regards,


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    2. Thanks so much Greg, I will definitely visit you guys when I head over to Melbourne!! :D I am actually thinking of going in a month or two :) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AMERICAN STYLE FOOOOD! Ribs...burgers...everything so you guys are the dream :D Hahaha cant wait x

  4. The cheesecake waffle sounds amazing!

    1. they are my faaaavourite waffles and their NY cheesecake is to die for! soooo creamy and delicious! tell me when you goooo i wanna joooin! :D

  5. Wanna taste this Strawberry Crepes- topped with strawberry puree, white chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream...

    1. So gooood and get extra white choc sauceee :9